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  Turning Point Exhibit 2011

Overture Center, Madison, Wisconsin

For this show, MCFA created fiber art that visually expressed their view of a significant "turning point": a meaningful experience or subject matter that opened their eyes to a new perspective, affected their creative endeavors, or gave them a new view of the world.

Karen Saunders. Connections.
Barb Schrank. Precious Wetland - Life Giving.
Barb Schrank. Precious Wetland - Lifeless.
Patricia Towne. Rusty Splash.
Linda Neusen. Grandpa Looks on from a Distance.
Cherie St. Cyr. Jump Starting the Happy Machine #2.
Karen Silvers. When Will We Ever Learn: Gulf Coast, 2010.
Linda Pustz. Doors - Open or Closed.
Marty Petillo. Mother Nature.
Deb Lueders. Hamoa.
Barb Lulack. Postcards from the Edge.
Pat Kroth. Deeply Rooted.
Nancy Davis. Sanctum.
Lee Ann Kleeman. Afghanistan.
Diane Dempsey. Appalachian Spring.
Susan Jackan. Sharing Air.
Gail Jacob. Phases of the Moon.
Geke de Vries. Sunrise.
Lois Jarvis. Moonscape.
Wendy Butler Berns. Sprouting.
Candy Flynn. Not All the Way Through.
Lisa Binkley. Shelter.
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