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Wild Things Exhibit 2013

  Olbrich Gardens, Madison, WI

Lisa Binkley. Leaving.
Lisa Binkley. On the Path.
Wendy Butler Berns. Wild Things, 1, 2, and 3.
Gael Boyd.  Poisonous:
Aconitum, Datura, Digitalis.
Kate Braus. Twister.
Cherie St. Cyr, Moonlight.
Diane Dempsey. Appalachian Spring.
Diane Dempsey. Natural Beauties.
Candy Flynn. Turtle; Fox; Crow
Diane Dempsey. Dragonfly.
Sue Jackan. Visit to a Coneflower.
Susan Jackan. Penguins in Paradise.
Lois Jarvis. Rose Basket.
Lois Jarvis. Sunflower Quilt.
Linda Neusen. Errant Ivy.
Lee Ann Kleeman. Still Life with Bugs.
Pat Kroth. Wild Oaks.
Pat Kroth. Sweet Things.
Jean Leeson. Dancing around
the Flowers, 1 and 2.
Jean Leeson. Underfoot.
Deb Lueders. Bird Pod.
Caren Lyell. Hydrangea Study #1.
Caren Lyell. Autumn Maple.
Pamela Niebauer. Storm 2011.
Pamela Niebauer. Green and Yellow 2010.
Marty Petillo. Garden Nymph.
Linda Pustz. Paper and Posies among the Branches.
Linda Pustz. Leaves in the Woods.
Linda Pustz. Leaves on the Floor of the Forest.
Barb Schrank. Wingra Cattails.
Karen Silvers. Hibiscus 1-4.
Natalie Sewell. The Red Canoe.
Chris Thomas. Pura Vida.
Chris Thomas. Fantasy Flower.
Chris Thomas. Misty Garden Sunrise.
Barb Schrank. Garden Beauty, Study 1.
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