Threads of Life

U.W. Arboretum

Madison, WI

September-October 2019

Parul Trivedi, One Fine Evening Walk at Arboretum

Chris Thomas, Early Winter Walk with a Friend

Chris Thomas, Live Life to the Fullest

Eileen Somers, Changing Dimensions

Karen Silvers, Back to the Garden

Barbara Schrank, Joyful Walk in Curtis Prairie

Donna Sereda-DeNovo, A wise woman and her friends in Schmidt’s Woods

Cynthia Quinn, Mindful

Linda Pustz, Quiet as a Feather

Marti Petillo, So Every Day

Karla Nitz, Autumn in Wisconsin

Leslee Nelson, Moss

Leslee Nelson, Ulota Crispa

Pam Moller, Falling Leaves

Devorah Kauffman, Spring

Dvorah Kaufman, Summer Flowers

Deborah Kades, Wisconsin Sprite

Sue Jackan, Beyond the Cottage Door

Tess Imobersteg, Look to the Lillies

Mary Alice Hart, Bumble

Mary Alice Hart, Finding Balance

Karin Hanson, Prairie in the City

Carna Grover, Love of Outdoors

Laura Gottlieb, Saving or Savoring

Candy Flynn, Maples in Mauve

Gini Ewers, The Miracle of Monarchs

LaVay Elg-Scott, Nature’s Guardian

Geke deVries, Autumn-Dancing Leaves

Diane Dempsey, Bodacious Beetles

Wendy Butler Berns, Hello Mr. Cardinal—It’s Summer

Wendy Butler Berns, Rock Lake’s Blue Heron

Kate Braus, Standing Tree

Nancy Blake, A Walk in the Woods

Lisa Binkley, Good Natured and Untidy

Cindy Anderson, The Colors of Nature

Photos courtesy of Karen Silvers

2020 by Laura Gottlieb for Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists. All art work copyrighted by their artists.

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