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Etudes II

Anderson Art Center

Kenosha, WI


A-Anderson. Anderson. Disjointed.JPG

Cindy Anderson, Disjointed

Cindy Anderson, Neighbors

A-Anderson. Binkley. Entering the River.

Lisa Binkley, Entering the River

A-Anderson. Binkley. Remains.jpg

Lisa Binkley, Remains

A-Anderson. Blake. Flamingo Jazz.JPG

Nancy Blake, Flamingo Jazz

A-Anderson. Braus. Mystery.JPG

Kate Braus, Ocean Reeds

A-Anderson. Braus. Ocean Reeds.JPG

Kate Braus, Mystery

A-Anderson. Butler Berns. Kaleidoscope F

Wendy Butler Berns, Kaleidoscope Forest

A-Anderson. Daniels. Nancy's Block.jpg

Eileen Daniels, Nancy’s Block

A-Anderson. De Vries. Rainbow Scarves.JP

Geke de Vries, Rainbow Scarves

A-Anderson. Dempsey. Aglow.JPG

Diane Dempsey, Aglow

A-Anderson. Ewers. Border Study One.JPG

Gini Ewers, Border Study One

A-Anderson. Ewers. Border Study Two.JPG

Gini Ewers, Border Study Two

A-Anderson. Ewers. Border Study Three.JP

Gini Ewers, Border Study Three

A-Anderson. Flynn. Frosted Fern.jpg

Candy Flynn, Frosted Fern

A-Anderson. Flynn. Smoke and shells.jpg

Candy Flynn, Smoke and Shells

A-Anderson. Gomoll. Celosia.jpg

Christinia Gomoll, Celosia

A-Anderson. Gottlieb. Study with Acrylic

Laura Gottlieb, Blackbirds: A Study with Acrylic Inks

A-Anderson. Gottlieb. Study with Thicken

Laura Gottlieb, Blackfirds: A Study with Thickened Dyes

A-Anderson. Gottlieb. Study with Sun Pri

Laura Gottlieb, Blackbirds: A Study with Sun Printing

A-Anderson. Gottlieb. Aurora

Laura Moss Gottlieb, Aurora Borealis

A-Anderson. Hanson. Gladiola Wreath.JPG

Karin Hanson, Gladiola Wreath

A-Anderson. Hart. Clivia.JPG

Mary Alice Hart, Clivia

A-Anderson. Jackan. Bountiful Basket.jpg

Sue Jackan, Bountiful Basket

A-Anderson. Kades. Chaos 1.JPG

Deborah Kades, Chaos I

A-Anderson. Kades. Perishable.JPG

Deborah Kades, Perishable

A-Anderson. Kaufman. First Fall.jpg

Dvorah Kaufman First Fall

A-Anderson. Kaufman. First Snow.JPG

Dvorak Kaufman, First Snow

A-Anderson. Kroth. Full Tilt.JPG
A-Anderson. Kroth. Timesteps.JPG

Pat Kroth, Full Tilt

Pat Kroth, Timesteps

A-Anderson. Kroth with her installation.

Pat Kroth with her exhibit, “Stuffed"

A-Anderson. Leeson. Jack in the Pulpit.J

Jean Leeson, Jack-in-the-Pulpit

A-Anderson.. Lulack. Etude des Feuilles.

Barbara Lulack, Etude des Feuilles

A-Anderson. Moller.  A Complicated House
A-Anderson. Moller. Ask a Farmer.JPG

Pam Moller, Ask A Farmer

Pam Moller, A Complicated Houseplant

A-Anderson. Nelson. River of Stars.JPG

Leslee, Nelson, Memory Cloth - River of Stars

Leslee Nelson, Stitch Each Day, Nine Hand Dyed Handkerchiefs

A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day (anothe
A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day (yellow
A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day.JPG
A-Anderson. Nelson, Stitch a Day (orange
A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day (blue w
A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day (1.1.18
A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day (dark p
A-Anderson.. Nelson. Stitch a Day (blue)
A-Anderson. Nelson. Stitch a Day (woman'
A-Anderson. Nitz. On a Clear Day.JPG
A-Anderson. Nitz. Sonoma Wildfire.JPG

Karla Nitz, On A Clear Day

Karla Nitz, Sonoma Wildfire

A-Anderson. Petillo. Home Is Where Your

Marty Pipp Petillo, Home Is Where Your Story Begins

A-Anderson. Pustz. Night and Day.JPG
A-Anderson. Pustz. Old Is New Again.jpg

Linda Pustz, Night and Day

Linda Pustz, Old is New Again

A-Anderson. Quinn. Shoreline.JPG

Cynthia Quinn, Shoreline

A-Anderson. Schrank. Etude with Pops.jpg

Barbara Schrank, Etude with Pops

A-Anderson. Scott. Gypsy at Heart.jpg
A-Anderson. Scott. Mars Ascending.JPG

LaVoy Elg Scott, Mars Ascending

LaVoy Elg Scott, A Gypsy at Heart

A-Anderson. Sereda-DeNovo. Cows.jpg

Donna Serenda-DeNovo

A-Anderson. Silvers. Elevator Music.JPG
A-Anderson. Silvers. Can't See the Fores

Karen Silvers, Can’t See the Forest

Karen Silvers, Elevator Music

A-Anderson. Somers. Etude of Bodacious B

Eileen Somers, An Etude of Bodacious Beaks

A-Anderson. Swift. Planted in the Garden
A-Anderson. Swift. Taken from the Forest

Maria Swift, Planted in the Garden

Maria Swift, Taken from the Forest

A-Anderson. Thomas. Emergence.JPG
A-Anderson. Thomas. Forest Fugue.JPG

Chris Thomas, Emergence

Chris Thomas, Forrest Fugue

A-Anderson. Trivedi. Bargello Variation.
A-Anderson. Trivedi. Dogwood.JPG

Parul Trivedi, Bargello Variation

Parul Trivedi, Dogwood

Photos courtesy of Karen Silvers

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