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                   Small Worlds: A Traveling Exhibit 2004

        Shown in 10 places in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts

Lisa Binkley. Ablaze.
Worlds within Worlds.
Norma DeHaven. A Bug's Eye View of a Tiger Lily.
Dvorah Kaufman. Dragonfly
Floral Impressions.
Looking Upward.
Outside Influence.
Candy Flynn. Worlds Away.
Pat Kroth. Ebb and Flow.
Partial Sphere.
Dawn Ingham. Tunnel Vision.
Leaf Collection.
Lois Jarvis. Star Baby.
Every Home a No Fly Zone.
Grapevine, Buttercup
Jill Kerttula. November Morn.
A Little Piece.
Hand of God.
Marty Petillo. City Block.
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