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 Explorations Exhibit

Monroe (WI) Clinic Hospital

November, 2018 - February, 2019

Karin Hanson. Riverbottom
Hanson. Riverbottom.jpg
Hanson. Tulip from the Top.jpg
Karin Hanson, Tulip from the Top 
Parul Trivedi. Improv-1
ExKS. Trivedi. Improv 1.jpg
ExKS. Thomas. Alphabet Soup.jpg
Chris Thomas. Alphabet Soup
Maria Swift. Key Sprout
ExKS. Swift. Key Sprout.jpeg
ExKS. Somers. Making Connections.jpg
Eileen Somers. Making Connections
Karin Hanson. Tulip Tray
Hanson. Tulip Tray.jpg
ExKS. Silvers. Date Night at the
Karen Silvers. Date Night at the Pond
Donna Sereda-DeNovo. Layers #1
ExKS. Sereda. Layers #1.jpg
ExKS. Sereda. Layers #2.jpg
Donna Sereda-DeNovo. Layers #2
Cynthia Quinn. Foraging Crow
ExKS. Quinn.Crow.jpg
Hanson. Prealpi Journal.jpg
Karin Hanson. Prealpi Journal
Marty Petillo. Your Mind is a Garden
ExKS. Petillo. Your Mind is a Garden.jpg
ExKS. Nelson. Celestial Gardens.jpg
Leslee Nelson. Celestial Gardens
Pam Moller. A Beginning
ExKS. Moller. A Beginning.jpg
Leeson. In Town.JPG
Jean Leeson. In Town
Pat Kroth. Shockwave
ExKS. Kroth. Shockwave.jpg
ExKS. Kaufaman. Hiking at Devil's Lake.j
Dvorah Kaufman. Hiking at Devil’s Lake
Karin Hanson. Mississippi River Box
Hanson. Mississippi River Box.jpg
ExKS. Jackan. Leaf Explorations.jpg
Sue Jackan. Leaf Explorations
Mary Alice Hart. Lost in the Journey
ExKS. Hart. Lost in the Journey.jpg
ExKS. Gottlieb. My Surface Design Scrapb
Laura Gottlieb. My Surface Design Scrapbook Quilt
Candy Flynn. Lake Rocks I
ExKS. Flynn. Lake Rocks I.jpg
ExKS. Ewers. We Have All the Pieces.jpg
Gini Ewers. We have All the Pieces
LaVay Elg-Scott. Family
Hanson. Martin's Torch.jpg
Karin Hanson. Martin’s Torch
Karin Hanson. Justin’s Moonlight Stocking
Hanson. Justin's Moonlight Stocking.jpg
ExKS. Dempsey. Dali Meets Botany.jpg
Diane Dempsey. Dali Meets Botany
Karin Hanson. Landing Zone
ExKS. Hansen. Landing Zone.jpg
ExKS. Daniels. Under Sea Exploration.jpg
Eileen Daniels. Under Sea Explorations
Kate Braus. Luminosity
ExKS. Braus. Luminosity.jpg
Blake. Firecracker.jpg
Nancy Blake. Firecracker
Lisa Binkley. Winter Work
Binkley. Winter Work.JPG
Butler Berns. Arc Abstractions III.jpg
Wendy Butler Berns. Arc Abstractions III
Laura Bak-Mahlkuch. Dreams of Green
Bak-Mahlkuch. Dreams of Green.jpg
Bak-Mahlkuch. Something.jpg
Laura Bak-Mahlkuch. Beaded Face
Cindy Anderson. Bits and Pieces
Anderson.Bits and Pieces.JPG
Hanson. Iris Pyramid Box.jpg
Karin Hanson. Iris Pyramid Box
Karin Hanson. Iris Vase
Hanson. Iris Vase.jpg
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