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 Improvisations Exhibit 2005

Overture Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Candy Flynn. Edge of the World.
Wendy Butler Berns. I Am #2.
Susan Marks. Notorious.
Norma DeHaven. Doc on State Street: The Pirate Ship Years.
Mary Jo Scandin. What If I Asked You....
Stephanie Funck. Mixed Bag.
Sue Gilgen. Magnification.
Lee Ann Kleeman. Deco-Taj.
Sharon Swan. Healing the Crazy Cat Lady.
Jan Mohs. Spatterdock Umbrella.
Linda Pustz. Children, Books, and the Library.
Patricia Holmes. Paper Fish.
Nancy Davis. Buttons, Buttons?
Parul Trivedi. The Masks.
Marty Pipp Petillo. Melody in Marble.
Lisa Binkley. Ripening, Falling, Becoming.
Karen Saunders. Tempestuous Tulip.
Pat Kroth. Spin Cycle.
Lizzie Oz Primozic. Poetic Memory.
Lois Jarvis. Garden 1.
Linda Olson. Life Always Throws Me Curves.
Jill Kerttula. Dust to Dust.
Judy Callen. Watch Your Step.
Judith Miller. Illness, Sorrow, and a Faith-Impelled Life.
Joan Zieger. Retirement.
Gail Jacob. Nina's Moving Day.
Jana Mirs. Snail Trail.
Dvorah Kaufman. Noah on the Sax...
Zak on the Drums.
Geke de Vries. Evening Out.
Dorothy Davenport. Oh, I Heard It on the Grapevine.
Alexandra Wright. Individual Commitments.
Allison Roberts. Fragments.
Aimee Reid-Rice. My Awakening.
Brenna Hopkins. Spontaneous Creation.
Dawn Ingham. Looking Back.
Amy Climer. Pea Pod Playtime.
Christie Brokish. Macro-Biotica.
Deb Menz. 7223.
Peggy Rist. Prayer Flags.
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