Madison Overture Center- Gallery I
Madison, Wisconsin
December 12, 2017 - March 4, 2018
Nancy Blake, Flamingo Jazz
Lisa Binkley, Emergence
Kate Braus, December Night
Geke, de Vries, Rainbow Scarves
Diane Dempsey, Glow
Gini Ewers, Border Studies
Candy Flynn, Beaded Path
Laura Moss Gottlieb, Blackbirds
Karin Hanson, Tulip Attila
Mary Alice Hart, Clivia
Susan Jackan, Nature’s Architecture
Deborah, Kades, Perishable
Dvorak Kaufman, First Snow
Pat Kroth, Entwined
Jean Leeson, Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Barb Lulack, Etude des feuilles
Sally Miles, Tree of Life
Pam Moller, Music of Nature
Leslee Nelson, Stitch Each Day
Marty Petillo, Home Is Where Your Story Begins
Linda Pustz, Repeat I and II
Barbara Schrank, Etude with Pops
Donna Sereda-DeNovo, The Cows
Karen Silvers, Date Night at the Pond
Cynthia Quinn, Shoreline
Eileen Somers, An Etude of Bodacious Beaks
Chris Thomas, Emergence

2020 by Laura Gottlieb for Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists. All art work copyrighted by their artists.

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