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             Improvisations Exhibit 2017

            Madison Senior Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Calling their new show "Improvisations," Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists                  (MCFA) showed their experiments with new techniques and designs.

Dvorah Kaufman. Going Gray...without Being Invisible.
Karin Hanson. Tulip from the Top.
Linda Pustz. A Study in Red.
Pam Moller. Strength Within.
Linda Neusen. Hora-Naxos Town; Portara-Naxos.
Gini Ewers. Six Border Studies.
Cynthia Quinn. Rainbow Trout.
Karen Silvers. Elevator Music.
Donna Sereda-DeNovo. Red Osier.
Jane Mooney. Pot with Geraniums.
Chris Thomas. Tower of Babel.
Laura Moss Gottlieb. Sunset over the Marsh.
Karin Hanson. Garden Game.
Susan Jackan. Vista.
Dvorah Kaufman. The Arboretum in Spring.
Linda Pustz. Movement on the Plains.
Kate Braus. Port of Valdez.
Leslee Nelson. Golden Divine Child.
Jane Mooney. Wallingford Leaves.
Linda Pustz. Shapes in Neutrals.
Karin Hanson. Cubic Rose.
Dvorah Kaufman. Retirement...
A Grand Improvisation.
Pam Moller. Trisected Oh!
Deborah Kades. As Is She.
Barb Lulack. dot com.
Laura Moss Gottlieb. Chaos and Bling.
Leslee Nelson. Rivers.
Pam Moller. Me, Myself, and I.
Laura Moss Gottlieb. How to Survive
Hard Times.
Cynthia Quinn. The Shallows.
Sue Jackan. Gliel Neuron Conversations.
Pam Moller. Illusion.
Kate Braus. Crescent Moon.
Leslee Nelson. Charm Doll.
Karin Hanson. Merry Little Christmas.
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