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                  Hanging by a Thread Exhibit 2009

        Beaver Dam Area Arts Association, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Hanging by a Thread challenged MCFA to explore social justice in the broadest sense - racism, sexism, homophobia, global warming, war, domestic violence, all of it, any of it.  Challenging themselves to create something that would call attention to a cause they cared  deeply about, they produced a body of                                                              work with a social message. 

Marty Pipp Petillo. So Beautiful, So Short.
Nancy Davis. Too Late?
Alexandra Wright. Holding to Hope.
Deb Lueders. Spring Green.
Dawn Ingham. The Argument for Going to War.
Mary Jo Scandin. We Are All One. Are We All One?
Linda Olson. Existence = Interdependence.
Pat Kroth. Heart of Darkness.
Susan Jackan. Dancing on the Sandbar.
Lee Ann Kleeman. Requiem for a  Coral Reef.
Wendy Butler Berns. Climb Every Mountain.
Candy Flynn. Tattered World.
Deb Lueders. Prayer Flag for Peace.
Lois Jarvis. Tire Reef Disaster.
Geke de Vries. Land Between the Rivers.
Linda Pustz. Sew It Goes.
Lee Ann Kleeman. Our Planet in Peril: Which Turn Will We Take?
Jana Mirs. Global Warning: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Candy Flynn. Revitalized.
Susan Jackan. Precarious Balance.
Jana Mirs. Ecology Debate.
Wendy Butler Berns. Take on the World.
Deb Menz. Will It Still Be Here Tomorrow?
Candy Flynn. Possibilities.
Wendy Butler Berns.  Can We Keep It Together?
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